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Do you have a basic IT background? Do you want to sell an IT SECURITY service while attending university?



Nowadays everything is digital and handled by computer systems and applications connected to the Internet. Every business that relay on a dynamic website or has a server is exposed to Hacking.

The only way to minimize the risk and avoid losing business is to detect security holes in advance.

This is what EasyAudit does. At an unbeatable price.

We are looking for young and talented opportunity creators. You create the contact, we finalize the deal and pay your commission.

The service is extremely easy to understand and address a real and current need: information security.

Most of the information you need to know is on this page.

EasyAudit is divided in WEB (for web applications, web sites, portals, e-commerce) and NET (servers, networks, file sharing systems, email services). The service can be performed One-Spot (at request) or Full-Time (every 6 months).

You will get recurring commissions and the best business intermediaries will be hired in one of the fastest growing markets in the IT field.

Don't miss the opportunity to get a 15% commission on every sale!

Millions potential customers.

Apply today and join our sales force!

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