It is an inevitable fact about the internet: the more the network expands the more vicious and creative hackers become in their preying of vulnerable sites. One of the most effective ways of preventing hackers from exploiting a website’s vulnerabilities is to identify those vulnerabilities beforehand. Identifying and correcting these weaknesses as soon as possible is an important part of web site security.

A vulnerability is a weakness in a computer program through which an attacker can reduce a system’s information assurance. Often when a vulnerability is first discovered, there is a certain amount of time before websecurity is able to correct it. This period is known as the window of vulnerability. Being certain about web site security is to is to reduce this window of vulnerability or to eliminate it altogether.

This is where EasyAudit comes in. EasyAudit is the verification of IT security for companies. Our manual web application penetration test and automated vulnerability scanning will help your web site security identify weaknesses before they are exploited by attackers. EasyAudit’s verification of websecurity will authenticate your website’s security and will discourage would be attackers. E-commerce site owners can rest easy when they know that EasyAudit is taking care of the web site security of their site.

EasyAudit offers free consultations on websecurity, an affordable price, professional service, and 24/7 technical support. We are timely and we will verify your web site security in minimal time, compared to traditional consultancy. Our vulnerability scanning will identify most likely to be exploited weakness in your website and provide you with solutions for these weaknesses. Operations performed by EasyAudit are minimally invasive, and do not cost too much in the overall budgetary scheme. As an added bonus, websites with their websecurity verified by EasyAudit will have the EasyAudit logo displayed on their site so as to discourage attackers and show the customers your commitment to security.

Web site security is a tricky subject in this day and age. No one ever knows what kind of tricks hackers may come up with next or what kind of systems attackers may target on a given day. Websecurity is an essential part of any e-commerce site, and it is imperative that each website receive its own vulnerability scanning. Therefore, let EasyAudit take care of your web site security. In the long run, your safety online will truly help you expand your line of business. EasyAudit is here to take care of your websecurity.

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