Hacker White Hat VS Black Hat VS Grey Hat

The Hackers have become mythological figures of our time. We saw them hack in front of a PC in spy movies, intent to steal secret information and sensible data. We hear the news stations talking about it, just look back at the cases of Wikileaks and Anonymous. In the majority of the cases they are presented like out laws. But do we know really who they are and what the hackers do?

There are three main figures of hackers, who called in the jargon of information security are respectively: White Hat, Black Hat and Grey Hat. In short, The good, The bad, and the middle way between the previous ones.

Today we also talk also about ethical hacker: a professional who is able to penetrate informational systems using the same instruments and techniques of Black Hat hackers, but in a controlled way and within a set of professional services well coded (there are nearly fifteen years of literature on the subject, as there is always someone who suddenly claims themselves an expert).

Hackers are not created equal:

  • White Hat – Are the hackers that are hired by agencies and companies, to find out their own vulnerability that way at the end they can make their own changes.
  • Black Hat – Are the bad ones of the situation, those who attack computer systems with the intent to steal information, create problems, and make money in an illegal way. In a nutshell, everything from which a company needs to protect itself.
  • Grey Hat – They are the middle way between the white and black. They attack informational systems without notice, and communicate to the companies their vulnerability. Sometimes they ask to be paid for the work they did.

The White Hat have to also be great speakers with being able to report back technical details of what they discovered when they were testing the system.

These three categories of hackers are united by the same goal: The curiosity of knowing, the battle of infiltrating an informational system, and the personal satisfaction of knowing they were able to break through. Hackers come from a very complex sub culture, and to understand it to its fullest you must read many documents, some all the way back to the 80’s on ethics, on the liberty of information, and many other principles.

The attackers of today don’t go for the thin, many times they don’t know the origin of the subculture they say they belong to, for lack of interest or ignorance. They don’t hold back on using every technique and instrument they have for violating systems and make profits.

For this it is a strategic move to use true professionals that are active in the field of research and not plain “workers” of an industry that, whether we like it or not, we must increasingly rely on. EasyAudit is provided by an organization specialized in penetration tests, which employs experts with proven skills that can really help companies protect corporate networks and web systems. The all certified with the stamp EasyAudit Checked, a guarantee for your customers!

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