Find the vulnerabilities before attackers exploit them

In today’s age of rapidly expanding internet technology, the opportunity to exploit new sources of revenue has increased manifold, but so has the risk of getting attacked by unwanted cyber elements. With more than 300 million computer systems connected world-wide, web site security has become quite a major concern for everyone. If the websecurity of a business is compromised, it can have some serious repercussions for the company’s credibility, reputation, survivability and competitiveness.

Owing to several kinds of internal and external threats to the web site security of a business, it has become mandatory for companies to go for vulnerability scanning. This is a proactive approach which helps identify the weak or vulnerable links within a network so as to determine where and how a given system can be threatened. Malicious hackers are present all over the web, and waiting for a single opportunity to breach the web site security of a company.

Vulnerability scanning has gained such utmost importance in recent times because most of the companies have gone paperless, and a major part of the information is stored and transferred through web servers. In case the web site security of a company is compromised, it not only stands to lose all its critical corporate data and trade secrets but may also face compliance issues on account of customer identity thefts. Hence, it has become all the more essential for a business to cover its weak areas way before the attackers can exploit them.

When it comes to the question of websecurity, no one can beat the expertise and effectiveness of EasyAudit. As the ultimate solution, EasyAudit will help you verify the IT security of your company. This kind of regular web site security check will not only help you gain an edge over your competitors but will also act as a quality indicator for your clients. You can get a Web Application Penetration Test performed on your network at a very low price.

Besides having the comfort of knowing that your web site security does not face any potential risks, you will also get free consultations and 24/7 technical support service with EasyAudit. The vulnerability scanning test performed by us will not only help you identify the weaknesses in your websecurity but will also suggest remedies for the same. All the operations performed by us are minimally invasive and will not weigh much on your pocket.

Web site security has become a much-talked-about area for every business owner. No one wants to be in a position where any outside entity can see their inside information. Hence, the best you can do is to provide quality service to your clients and leave the websecurity task in the hands of EasyAudit.

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