Protect your customers reviewing EasyAudit

EasyAudit for Providers guarantees a marginality from 5% to 20%.


Providers with an agreement can offer EsayAudit packages to their clients at a convenient price with a marginality from 5% to 20% depending on the quantity that will be sold.

The distinctive traits of this agreement are: different levels of the report personalization drawing attention to the Partnership with the Dealer and payment within 30 days at the end of the month through Wire Transfer.

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Francesco Ongaro


EasyAudit is an hybrid SaaS service (Software as a Service) and of IT Security consultancy that permits to identify vulnerabilities in systems and web applications.

Object: Agreement proposal

Dear Provider,

Established in 2005 we offer a qualified and specific selection of services with the purpose of increasing security and protecting computer systems of PMIs and of big companies. Our offer includes a 360 degrees counselling, both one-spot and planned along the time, so it is extremely personalized.

Our work team has some international references regarding IT Security thanks to interventions from outsourcing (it makes possible to keep safe computer systems and there's no need to destin large resources to your dedicated personnel in loco) to remote consultancy. By using verification processes such as Network Penetration Tests, Vulnerability Assessments and Ethical Hackings we simulate possible attacks from hackers, sneaky competitors, untrue employees and users with bad intentions.

Thanks to our analysts professionalism we can identify issues in your clients' IT platform, in order to avoid the loss or theft of information or sensible data.

The proposal (called EasyAudit) that we would like to bring to your attention, covers the verification of external security from the IT infrastructure used to exchange information and E-commerce transactions.

In particular, we're able to highlight whether and - how much - the client's IT asset is actually resistant to external attacks, like: abusive access; theft of corporate information and the resulting improper use of data; the interruption of your services delivery.

Unfortunately, often and incorrectly, we don't pay the right attention to computer security minimizing those that are the real and modern threats that can be found daily.

This proposal in agreement EasyAudit aims to offer to your clients a particular control at minimized costs. Contact us to become a reseller and to get access at the reserved price list.