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Designed for Web applications Want to check the security is primarily a Web site, a portal, a Web Application? Then EasyAudit WEB is the right package for you! X X X X
Designed for Servers and Networks Want to check the outside perimeter of your network exposed to the Internet? Then EasyAudit NET is the right package for you! X X X X
Semestral Check To be safe all year round X X X X
Features The strengths of EasyAudit
Simple Simple: Built for people, not for technicians. Our experienced professionals will take care of from start to finish, you just have to specify the domain or network from attack. In addition the report in Italian, divided into three areas, contains a summary chapter is easy to read even for non-technical. X X X X
Accurate Accurate: The power of human ingenuity, not just automation. We use a hybrid process, in which the human factor provides a higher quality, in contrast to many higher priced products that are fully automated. Comprehensive technical details for the insiders. X X X X
Easy to use Easy to use: No change to your network, the service carried out remotely. So no servers to install, no software to use, no technical term to know. Once ordered EasyAudit you will be guided to the receipt of the report and, on request, also at later stages. X X X X
Safe Safe: Your data remains private, it is not Cloud service. SaaS services for the identification of vulnerabilities store your data on a server exposed to the Internet, along with those of many other customers. With EasyAudit information about your vulnerability remain encrypted on the workstation of the consultant. X X X X
Accessible It costs less than your daily breakfast at the bar! X X X X
Specifiche Details of package
Purpose of the test The verification of an entire domain, application or CMS The verification of the external network up to 8 IP (also available for upper cuts)
Example of target WEB applications and customized, Web Sites, Portals, Private Area, CMS Services (Web, Mail, DNS) Server (Windows, Linux, Unix), Firewall and Network equipment
Audit frequency On demand Semestral On demand Semestral
Application of basic checks Application basic checks: to identify the most common web vulnerabilities. Successful attacks exploiting cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL Injection, Remote File Inclusion (RFI) may cause damage to your business and your customers better identify and correct flaws in advance. X X X X
Advanced Application Audits Application advanced checks: to identify hard to find web vulnerabilities. Many vulnerabilities cannot be found by automated tools or require extensive knowledge or a good understanding of the Business Logic of the application. X X X X
Basic Network Checks Network basic checks: to identify the most common network vulnerabilities. Not updated systems, missing patches, weak passwords and unsecure configurations are the most common entry points for attackers. X X X X
Advanced Network Checks Network advanced checks: to identify to identify hard to find network vulnerabilities. Complex network vulnerabilities are hard to detect with Vulnerability Assessment software alone, instead a human Penetration Tester will identify most of them. X X X X
CMS Checks Each CMS has special features to keep in mind during a Security Assessment. Check EasyAudit implements specific for the major CMS on the market.
WordPress X X X X
Joomla X X X X
SilverStripe X X X X
ModX X X X X
TextPattern X X X X
RefineryCMS X X X X
Drupal X X X X
Concrete5 X X X X
DotNetNuke X X X X
Umbraco X X X X
Typo3 X X X X
Plone X X X X
ExpressionEngine X X X X
vBulletin X X X X
E-Commerce Checks The verification process includes a number of proprietary plugins EasyAudit to identify vulnerabilities and configuration errors in the major software for E-Commerce.
Magento X X X X
ZenCart X X X X
OpenCart X X X X
Prestashop X X X X
VirtueMart X X X X
UberCart X X X X
Xcart X X X X
Miva Merchant X X X X
CubeCart X X X X
TomatoCart X X X X
Avactis X X X X
AgoraCart X X X X
Pinnacle Cart X X X X
Creloaded X X X X
LiteCommerce X X X X
CS-Cart X X X X
Abante X X X X
Cashie Commerce X X X X
ZeusCart X X X X
Spree Commerce X X X X
Enterprise E-Commerce Checks EasyAudit is ideal for Enterprise E-Commerce solutions on which they were made important changes and implementations.
Fry X X X X
Hybris X X X X
MS Commerce Server X X X X
OXID eSales X X X X
WebSphere Commerce Enterprise X X X X
ATG Commerce Suite X X X X
Demandware X X X X
Volusion X X X X
Methodologies We use the best methods available to ensure maximum accuracy.
WASC TC v1.0 X X X X
WASC TC v2.0 X X X X
CMS Checks Your development department or your vendors have made ​​major changes and developments, now is the time to test the safety qualified professionals.
Magento X X X X
ZenCart X X X X
OpenCart X X X X
Prestashop X X X X
VirtueMart X X X X
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