We are developing the best and most affordable
baseline penetration testing platform to date

EasyAudit enables millions of websites, networks and Internet facing businesses to access professional security services.

Our strength is the unique auto-learning technology and workflow that makes possible to deliver automatic and human assisted Web and Network Penetration Tests around the globe in a fraction of time and resources. EasyAudit outsmarts SaaS, Automatic security scanning and Crowdsourced Vulnerability Testing and is much more efficient than standard consultancy:

  • Allows to discover vulnerabilities in web applications, networks and servers that are not detected by “rubber stamp of approval” services and by software alone;
  • Near to zero false positive rate as vulnerabilities are actively validated and exploited by senior security researchers;
  • Keep your data confidential, your vulnerability details are NOT in the cloud. Your security will not be audited by unskilled and uncoordinated attackers;
  • Extensive coverage of standards, best practices and methodologies;
  • Added value plug-ins like specific focus groups, the EasyAudit Checked trustmark and much more.

Interested in the future of security auditing?