About us and how we work

  • We are a“collective intelligence” composed by professionals who have more than 10 years of experience in this business;
  • We use the best methodologies: OWASP, OSSTMM, PTES and many more, balancing them thanks to the competences of our experts;
  • We make use of the best commercial softwares for more than 10.000 euros of licenses;
  • In every test, for each client, we use more than 70 between the best Open Source tools, conveniently integrated between them;
  • Our research and Development laboratory is committed in the continuous improvement of the software and of the procedures used to deliver the EasyAudit service, guaranteeing an incomparable and constant quality level;
  • We develop softwares and owner controls in order to keep up with the latest techniques, Zero Day attacks and hundreds of vulnerabilities published every day;
  • We manually carry out the applied and systematic checks that cannot be conducted in the best way by computers, like the Logic set of problems of the Business (in jargon “Business Logic Issues”);
  • We combine in a hybrid model the automatism of the most innovative technology to the flexibility that only the human supply can offer.

What we do

  • We check your domain security, of an application or of a CMS;
  • We put the personalized and non-personalized applications to the test, such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, SilverStripe, ZenCart, OpenCart;
  • We check yourcompany network exposed to the internet up to 8 IPs or more;
  • We check services, hosts and web apparatus safety;
  • We check the proper application Firewalling and VPN rules;
  • We evaluate with a score from 1 to 10 the vulnerabilities of your site following the main evaluation standards of risk according to the CVSS v2 model;
  • We draft within a week a clear-cut report of our job, we are accurate in order to make it understandable by who is not an officer in charge.

How can we offer you this price?

  • Do you know how much does a full expert advice that guarantees an IT security? We’ll tell you: It’s too much!
  • Why does it cost so much? Because security companies invest so little in technology and they spend the most of the consultancy time checking things that are “easy” to find; The second issue is the experience: often the consultants that are assigned to small projects (otherwise non-institutional clients, like Banks, Insurance companies) don’t have great experience and abilities, so they are slow and have to learn how to do the job at your own expense.
  • Easyaudit lets you save without giving up to a personalized service.: Our secret is to take advantage of the automatism of the most innovative technologies, stepping-in manually when it is needed. The final result is a better quality service, with cost and time reduced to a minimum!

Do you have further questions? Contact us, one of our experts will reply within 24 hours and with your authorization we’ll add the answer to this page!