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EasyAudit is a great tool for PMIs, a professional service at a low price!

Do you use the Internet to do Business? Do you use your website to sell products, to broadcast information, or to do internal communication? Do you use reserved areas, memorize personal, payments, confidential or important data? Have you ever thought about your security?

Web applications, websites and business portals and E-Commerce are the elements of your company which are most exposed to cyber-attacks. Trust the EasyAudit professional service to check its security and to identify possible leaks before these are exploited, avoiding a damaged reputation or, worse, the mistreatment of confidential information and the damage of your systems.

"If you know your enemy, you know yourself"
Sun Tzu - The art of war

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Chill out, EasyAudit will take care of your security!

EasyAudit for the WEB helps you in managing risks and lets you know your vulnerabilities before others take advantage of them by escaping your notice, causing you damages and converting them into critical situations that need to be solved.

What's included:

  • Whole domains, application or CMS checks
  • Security checks for personalized and non-personalized applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, SilverStripe, ZenCart, OpenCart
  • Including technical details for the workspace personnel
  • Show the EasyAudit Checked logo on your website, it is a synonym for security

EasyAudit is an exclusive product because:

  • It is an hybrid process where the human factor guarantees a superior quality
  • It is carried out by experts who have demonstrated experience
  • Checklist and software owner, OWASP/OSSTMM methodologies
  • It has a minimum impact in terms of the cost to your budget, and a great performance thanks to the tuning process
  • Minimally invasive on normal operations, performed remotely
  • English report that is easy to read, delivered within five working days

An entire web domain or subdomain

You can specify the address to be verified, such as or Our qualified staff will manually inspect your asset, simulating a real Hacker. Plus you will benefit our comprehensive scan technology, performed using the best Commercial and Open-Source tools available. This alone represents a value of +20K$ of licenses.

Application security checks and host configurations

Does your company use custom web application, developed by the internal team or an external contractor? Do you use Commercial or Open-Source software such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, SilverStripe, ZenCart, OpenCart? EasyAudit lets you verify any kind of web application regardless of the used technology. We'll check application and business logic issues, plus network and configuration checks.

Easy-to-read English report

The English written report is divided into two chapters: one for the management and one for the technical staff, inclusive of all the details. Our report template is constantly improved from 2004. It has been used for thousands of activities, for the most prestigious customers in the world and it fully adhere to the industry Best-Practices.

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