The Authorized Economic Operator

From January 1st 2008 in all the 27 member states, the news that were inserted in the Custom Code, became law and so their disposition of application with regulations (CE) n° 648/2005 e n° 1875/2006 in order to release a certificate to the AEOs that ask for it. Such as: AEO/Custom Simplifications, or AEO/Safety, or AEO/Custom Simplifications and Safety. All of them have a community value.

The community certification program is applied to the Authorized Economic Operators and to their business partners who take part in the international supply chain, i.e. producers; exporters; shipping agents/companies; repositories; custom representatives; vectors; importers who take part in activities regulated by the custom legislation during their businesses. They positively qualify relative to other operators considered reliable and secure in the supply chain.

Which subjects can request AEO certificates?

Can request AEO certificates: the economic operators settled in the custom area of the Community who carry out activities inherent to the custom operations; the non-european economic operators if there's a mutual agreement upon the AEO certificate between the Community and the Country that lodge the applicant, the non communal air or nautical society but that have at least one office or that avail of the simplifications of artt. 324 sexies, 445 o 448 del Reg. (CEE) 2454/9.

Is it mandatory to become an AEO?

An economic operator is not forced to become an authorize economic operator: it is a personal choice that depends on the specific condition of each one.

Which are the certificate types?

The article 14 second on the applicable disposition of the custom code (Reg. 2454/93) contemplates three kinds of AEO certificates:

  • AEOC (Customs) Custom Semplification
  • AEOS (Security) Safety
  • AEOF (Full) Custom semplification and Safety

Where do you present the request?

The request has to be presented at the Custom Offices in charge where the operator has the main accounting related to the operations that are carried out and where at least part of the operations, subject of the AEO certificate, are performed.

which are the requirement needed to obtain the AEO status?

The needed requirements to obtain the AEO status are measured for all kinds of companies (even small or medium ones), independently from their size, as well some particular parameter that are provided for the other engaged subject; such as mediators and custom representatives.

These features change and depend on the size and complexity of the activities that are carried out, on the kind of goods treated as well as other specific factors that will be considered by the Custom Authority.

Why is convenient to become an AEO?

  • Acquisition of a reliability and safety status that have an unlimited and community validity;
  • Control reduction Custom simplification;
  • Facilitations in the security sector;
  • Better relations with custom authorities;
  • Greater speed for custom operations;
  • Mutual acknowledgement with different reliability and safety programs for other countries (AEOS and AEOF certicates).

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